Saturday, October 8, 2011

How to set up an Acetylene Torch for Cutting?

Acetylene Torches Oxy - cut through steel faster than most other cuts tools.Igniting. Acetylene flame.Oxygen heat stability of the flame temperature and speed of the gas from the torch flame from the torch tip.The hot metal. When you increase the flow of oxygen through the heated metal. steel.Properly. Set the cutting flame to cut clean, and keep you safe during the cutting process.

Acetylene Torch for Cutting


1.Remove the protector caps from the bottles of oxygen and acetylene.Quickly open and close the valve handles located at the top of each bottle to blow contaminants from the valves.

2.Thread the oxygen regulator (green hose) of the torch onto the valve of the oxygen bottle.Thread the acetylene regulator (red hose) to the acetylene valve.Tighten the regulator nuts with an adjustable wrench.

3.Fully close the gas control knobs located at the base of the torch head.

4.Turn the acetylene valve handle a quarter turn.Adjust the regulator to flow the amount of gas recommended by the torch head manufacturer.Slowly open the valve located at the top of the oxygen tank.Adjust the flow rate of the oxygen to the recommended settings.

5.Turn the acetylene control knob located at the base of the torch head slightly.Place a friction striker in the stream of acetylene gas.Push the handle of the striker to light the torch.Turn the acetylene knob until the flame glows bright orange and does not jump from the torch tip.

6.Slowly open the oxygen control knob until the flame glows a bright blue with a well defined set of center flames.

7.Depress the oxygen level located near the middle of the torch head.The velocity of the flame will increase substantially without causing the flame to go out.Turn off the oxygen and reignite the flame if it goes out before you begin cutting with the torch head.

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