Thursday, September 1, 2011

Used Plasma Cutters

Why used Plasma Cutter
You can find used plasma cutters internet and in the actual world. If you discover used plasma cutter you have to make in no doubt that it is in fine condition and, more importantly, you have to find out if the component meets your requirements.

Use the following list of questions to assess any used plasma cutter that you find. When you have the answers, you will be in a much improved position to create a knowledgeable buying result.

Used Plasma Cutters - Manual cut
1. Is the cable insulation worn down from use?

2. Does the sever cut, rated cut, and quality cut of the match what I need?

3. Are the cuts still clean?
4. Has the machine ever been repaired or serviced?

5. Is there still a factory warranty?

6. Is there a power source at my business or home that matches the power requirements of the machine?

7. What is the duty cycle of the unit?

8. Are the diagnostic lights and controls functioning properly?

9. If I buy the machine do I get any consumables?

10. What is the condition of the internal components? (if they are in good condition then the owner probably taken good care of the machine)

Plasma Cutter Operation

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